Dentist in West Branch | Research Aims To Help Humans Grow New Teeth.

Dentist West Branch, MI

BBC News (UK) (9/22, Wen) discussed recent research that suggests someday people may be able to grow or repair their teeth, using “healthy, living tissue.” For example, the article noted a lab at King’s College London has “successfully implanted bio-teeth into mice,” while other “recent approaches have focused on finding ways to get our teeth to heal themselves.” The article stated that despite this research, preventing dental decay is still essential. “The most important … thing for us to keep in mind in terms of prevention is water – especially fluoridated water,” said ADA spokesperson Dr. Ruchi Sahota. “Not only does the fluoride help mineralise and regenerate tooth structures that may have become infected by a cavity, the physical motion of drinking water helps to flush away food, bacteria and any debris that may be stuck in your teeth as well.”