Dentist in West Branch

As part of our ongoing commitment to using the latest and most effective technologies for your treatments, our office features highly advanced equipment options.

Laser Dentistry

At West Branch Family Dentistry, we utilize a laser that can be used in several dental procedures.  Symmetrical, proportional gums are essential components in a confident smile. If your gums are uneven, too short or too prominent, we offer a variety of periodontal cosmetic procedures that can give you a balanced smile.

In some instances, the tooth may be broken at or near the gum line, and require a restoration. In this case, our doctor may recommend re-contouring of the gum.

Our laser can also treat cold sores and apthous ulcers in a few seconds.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is a small diagnostic tool, about the size of a pen, that can be used to view the inside of your mouth. Because of it’s small design, the intra-oral camera is able to gain access to parts of your mouth that can be difficult to see with the naked eye, reflective mirror, or even x-ray. Using this technology, we are able to inspect a magnified view of your entire mouth on a high definition screen, which can be invaluable for early detection of oral health issues.

For more information about these or any of our other technologies, call us today.